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Amberwood’s RollBots heads to Asia

Ottawa, December 14, 2010 – Amberwood Entertainment today announced that it has secured several Television and DVD licenses for RollBots in Asia.  The deals will first see the series rollout in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, before expanding to other territories in the region.

“RollBots continues to generate meaningful licenses across the globe.” Stated Jonathan Wiseman, Senior Vice-President at Amberwood. “These are exciting deals for Amberwood and we look forward to the Asian launch of RollBots in 2011”.

The 26 half-hour CG animated series was commissioned by Canada’s YTV and is complimented by an extensive online gaming world at

RollBots introduces the world of Flip City and Spin, a crime fighting ‘bot who lacks a tribe of his own but makes up for it with incredible speed.  Spin takes on criminals in Flip City and while on his adventures, discovers many things about himself, including why he has no tribe.

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