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Amberwood is interested in hearing from you! We are looking for both animated and live-action concepts that target the children’s and family demographic.

Submit all pitch materials as per the example below. We will request additional material if needed, so please do not include other content with your submission.

Please forward material to and give us ample time to review your submission and we will certainly get back to you within 6-8 weeks.

Development Property Submissions – Sample

  1. Title: The Secret World of Benjamin Bear
  2. Logline: Ever patient Benjamin Bear guides Howie, an irrepressible rookie teddy bear through magnificent adventures in their quest to bring happiness and comfort to children.
  3. Brief Synopsis: This is the show that blows the lid off the best-kept secret about teddy bears. When we’re not looking, they come alive and have amazing adventures in their Secret World right under our noses ! Their mission is to comfort children and listen to their worries and woes. Benjamin Bear and his teddy pals take this work very seriously and will go to great lengths to do it right.
  4. Format & Demographic: The Secret World of Benjamin Bear is a 2D animated series for kids 4-8 comprised of 39 half hours. Each half hour contains 2 x 11 minute stories.
  5. Designs (if available)
  6. Submission Release Form: Please print and complete the submission release form and submit it with your materials.

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